Friday, October 29, 2010

Appointment with the Surgeon

I've often spoken of my health issues here, but we are working on their resolution. First I was able to regain my sight last month, and am once again able to drive, read my music, read books, many things that I had enjoyed until the old cataract totally obliterated my vision, and messed up my depth and distance perception...but that's all history now.

The next thing that is being tackled is my gut. I've had gut issues for years of one sort or another, but the last 10 years or so they have become intolerable, with incredible bloating and pain, vomiting, etc. But now I have surgery scheduled for December 1st. It will be a difficult surgery the doctor said but I have great hopes that, eventually, after the healing period is past and time goes on, my quality of life will be vastly improved. My gut issues have been hell, and there have been times that I have wished for death rather than living with them one more day.

I don't know how much I will discuss the particulars of my surgery. Pete just had a major surgery last week, and after discussing it we agreed not to give details online. The reason? People tend to belittle our anxieties and minimize the procedure. "Oh that's not a big deal, I've known lots of people that had that done!" and similar comments make one feel stupid for our own concerns about our own upcoming procedures. So rather than opening that can of worms, we decided it is simply best if we ask for prayer or whatever, but keep the details of such things to ourselves.

During the next month I will be preparing mentally, physically, and spiritually. This will be a major life change, and at least for a while, how I can eat will be drastically changed (ie, liquids for the first few weeks). I elected NOT to have WLS at the same time, even though it would have been pretty easy while he's in there anyway, but that's not the route I want to go. Besides, I will be having 2 different surgeries in one and that's plenty I think.

I'm trying not to think about the surgery itself, or even the healing time afterward, but rather what life will be like when I am healed and back to "normal". It has been so long since I lived without pain every time I ate - or even if I don't - that I can hardly imagine it. Praise God that this is possible, and not only that but that it's scheduled to be done!

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  1. I feel very positive about the outcome of this surgery, whatever it is. Your attitude makes a huge difference and you have a super attitude.