Tuesday, February 8, 2011

11 Weeks Post-Op

Cauliflower! Popcorn! These are 2 of the foods I reintroduced back into my diet this week. The cauliflower was in the form of fauxtatoes, a standard low carb dish where the cauli is cooked, mashed, and mixed with other ingredients (in my case, sour cream and butter). I ate about a half cup, with no problems or issues whatsoever!

Then I grew bold, and decided to try popcorn, heavily buttered. I ate less than 2 cups but had no problems. I ate one piece at a time, and chewed extremely well. And no issues :).

I still have problems with sticking now and again. Pork roast (too big a bite, concentrating on conversation instead of chewing) was one problem. And meatloaf, that I was trying to eat without ketchup or gravy, got stuck a different day. It was just too dry.

But overall things are just fine, no issues, and I am now eating everything except raw vegetables - although I am eating cole slaw and also greens in salads - and of course carbonated beverages.

I also have most of my energy back. Occasionally I will "hit a wall" but 90% of the time I'm living the kind of life I had many years ago, before all this - and my other issues - started. And it's all good :).


  1. Hey there, I just wanted to say thank you.
    I'm scheduled to have an open Nissen op on Friday.
    I'm terrified.
    Finding this blog really helped me prepare though, and take a bit of the worry away. Thanks for detailing your experiences, I'm sure I'll be back!

  2. This is exactly why I wrote such detailed accounts of my own experience, for people like you - and like I was before my own surgery. I am glad that you have gotten some use from this, and will pray for you on Friday! (If you are on Facebook, I have found that the Nissen Fundoplication group is very helpful and positive, people are open with their own experiences and information too!)