Saturday, January 7, 2012

13 Months Post Op: #fundoplication issues?

I don't think so. I don't think anything at all is wrong with my wrap, or what is going on is really related to it. But I'm sick, and I have to wonder...

9 days ago I had a bad pain day, needed to throw up, took 3 nausea pills, and just had to endure and wait for whatever-it-was to pass through. Now for about a week I've had a bellyache and often nausea - usually mild, sometimes severe enough to need an ondansetron tablet - every time I eat. Drinking doesn't bother me, but eating certainly does. And more than small portions causes pain at my wrap site. My gut reaction is that there is some kind of inflammation or something going on in my stomach, for some reason, and maybe it is just over-reacting to food as a result? I don't know though...

I do know that I still have a lot of stomach acid, and if I go without ranitidine for long the result is burning pain. So I stay on top of it. Unless the ranitidine isn't doing its job anymore, I've grown "immune" to it or whatever?

Also this week I have a lot of other things going on: a UTI. A respiratory infection. A toothache. Bloating/constipation. Aches, pains, intermittent fever, chills, achy joints. So I think my body is just sick. If it goes on too much longer I'll have to see my doctor I guess, although I just saw her last week, for now I'm doing all the right things and hoping my system can just fight it all off.

So it isn't just my stomach (although that's where all this seemed to start)...and it definitely isn't the wrap itself. But I have to wonder if I'd just been able to get rid of whatever was making me sick 9 days ago if maybe I'd have just been better - like maybe the toxins bad bacteria or whatever had to stay in my system too long when my body normally would have ejected them right away before they could make me sick in so many ways?

All speculation. But there's my update anyway, for whatever it's worth to you :).


  1. So how are you now then?

    I had the Nissen in 2000 and have had tons of problems after. I hope I can get it redone soon.

    1. I am fine now. No problems. Just a little bit of occasional "sticking", mostly from pork for some reason.

      What happened with your fundo, if you don't mind me asking? Did your problems start right after your surgery, or was it all good for a while? (If you don't feel comfortable replying, I understand...or if you want to reply privately, my email address is chiaowl at owly dot net - written out so as not to attract spammers)

  2. I've noticed my body tends to be more acidic when I'm sick (cause or effect?) so that may be the case for you too...

  3. I've noticed my body tends to be more acidic when I'm sick (cause or effect?) so that may be the case for you too...

  4. Hi,
    I just wanted to say thank you so much for this blog!
    I am 27 and have suffered with reflux, heartburn, regurgitation and other nasties for about 6 years now and although nervous about the recovery am looking forward to the possibilities of a life without these issues!
    Your blog has helped me feel more confident in my decision to go ahead with the surgery - you tell things as they are, instead of giving horror stories, and that has given me the confidence that i can handle the changes. You also mention lots of things that my doctor hasn't - such as not being able to burp or vomit, not eating chocolate soon after surgery, he hasn't even mentioned food sticking... i will take the approach that you took - slowly and carefully, and listen to my body.
    Thanks again for sharing your story

    1. Thank you for your note! :). I wish you all the best on your upcoming op, and hope that you will let me know how you're doing! (I hadn't yet read this comment when I just posted again, for people considering the might find it interesting?)

      Appreciate the comment!