Sunday, October 7, 2012

A Glitch - PAIN!

Friday morning I had to get up at 5 to take my husband to meet a bus about a half hour from where we live. Afraid that I wouldn't hear my alarm, I didn't sleep well, only got about 3 hours of sleep. AND I didn't take a ranitidine at bedtime as I usually do. (Lots of acid in my stomach causes pain, even though it can't come up anymore.)

I was so tired when I got up that I made my coffee with half of hubby's, so I had half leaded and half unleaded coffee to drink. Then we ate at Burger King for breakfast while waiting for the bus. They have those little round hash brown bites, and they were really good. I ate my (carby!) sandwich, did fine. Ate some of the (carby!) hash brown bites, did fine, got full, stopped eating them (hubby finished mine).

Got home and spent the morning singing. I rarely sing more than a half hour or so at a time; today it was closer to 2 hours.

When I got up from the keyboard it felt like somebody stabbed me right in the wrap! I have not had pain at my wrap site in so long...almost took my breath away. Don't know what caused it, though! No ranitidine the night before? Junk food? The leaded coffee? Those 2 extra little hash brown bites? The long singing session? I don't know but it HURT and I was pretty miserable :(.

Yesterday I felt ok when I got up - until I started doing things, and ate. Pain back, with a vengeance! Decided to eat a soft diet...didn't help. Just awful, about equivalent to my pain levels a week after my surgery.

Today I got up, all was well. In fact, throughout the day, all was well. Thank God! AND I think I figured out the pain: In the wee hours before we left on Friday morning I saw that my cat had pooped WAY back in the corner of the back room, there is a pole about 16" out from the wall holding up the front of a 42" tabletop that's attached to the wall, with a big heavy bookcase in front of it. So to clean it up, since I can't get down on my knees anymore (arthritis), I had to bend, r-e-a-c-h, s-t-r-e-t-c-h, and twist my body, all at the same time. It was uncomfortable as I was doing it...and I'll betcha that's it, and the REAL pain started a little later!

That's my best guess anyway. But today I am fine, no trace of a problem. Just thought I'd report this here. As time goes on and life is so normal, we may forget that things are different inside. My doctor had warned against heavy lifting after my op, and I'm guessing for the same reason I probably shouldn't bend, r-e-a-c-h, s-t-r-e-t-c-h, and twist my body!

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