Wednesday, May 4, 2011

That Darned Pork! (5-month post-op update)

Nothing really gets stuck that I eat anymore...except PORK! What is it about pork that it sticks?? I can eat any other kinds of meat, even beef brisket, but even the most tender pork roast gets stuck unless I give extra attention to chewing (very well) and swallowing (only the tiniest of amounts at a time)! I don't understand it. No problem with breads or rice, which other people have mentioned being problematic, although admittedly I eat very little of either since I'm a low carb eater. But pork...I just don't get it!

As far as belly pain or bloating, none of that unless I go crazy on raw greens and veggies. Which I occasionally do. But not often. If I take a simethecone first it helps.

Flatulence...nobody told me about that! I guess since I don't burp anymore, all that air has to go somewhere!

Acid...yeah, I'm guessing that my stomach is still churning it out. PPIs are so expensive, I can't afford to stay on them forever, but I take 150mg ranitidine morning and night and that seems to keep the acid levels down. Of course the acid isn't coming up anymore - the whole point of the surgery - but I can still feel it in my stomach, causing discomfort and burning, if I don't take something to keep it under control. Which the ranitidine does, and only costs about USD$4/month.

Altogether, it's all good :). Have adjusted to Life After a Wrap, and it isn't much different than life before a wrap. Except it's a lot better. A lot less painful. A lot more normal. A lot less hassle. Except for that darned pork...


  1. Pork isn't good for you anyway - too many toxins ;) Glad that overall things are going well! And yup... Gas has to go somewhere! LOL!

  2. We eat lots of pork here, since beef is so pricey now. But I've got to be more careful I guess...