Monday, June 6, 2011

What Caused THAT?!?!?

Yesterday we had a potluck after church. Not sure what I ate, but whatever it was, I had the same pain - BAD pain - that I had when I had eaten 3 salads plus a big slab of raw onion a few months ago. AWFUL pain! I know I didn't eat that many raw veggies...there were probably some in the potato salad but not that much really - it was mostly potatoes! And actually I was fine throughout the meal, it was only when I ate the dessert (yes, I go off-plan for these monthly potlucks at church, I love tasting everyone else's culinary offerings!): a sliver of cherry-something-or-other, and a sliver of pumpkin pie with a dollop - ok, a generous dollop - ok a MOUND - of whipped cream. I've eaten whipped cream without issue, even though it is so full of air.

So really, I don't know. Simethicone didn't help, nothing did. We had to leave apruptly. I went to my room and found the most comfortable position that I could on the bed with my bean bag at the head, and sweated it out, finally falling asleep from exhaustion once it started to subside, the pain had taken so much out of me.

Wish I knew what caused it, so I could avoid it in the future!


  1. Yikes! Can you take papaya tablets? I get them at Walmart and they're good for all sorts of tummy trouble. They help digestion, especially indigestion. They're the only thing that helps when my gallbladder decides it doesn't like me... (Well, the only thing except very strong painkillers!)

  2. I have used papaya juice in the past but never bought the tablets, definitely worth a try! Things are so different since the wrap, don't always understand my body's signals anymore, have different sensations, etc. although it's getting easier sometimes I get thrown for a loop! Will definitely get some to have on hand, thanks :).

  3. They work better if I suck on them rather than chew them too. Hope they work for you!