Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Quick Update - Pain from ???

All things great, except for occasional belly pain. It has felt like acid so I've continued taking Ranitidine (one of the meds I used pre-op) on the assumption that I still have lots of acid down there, it's just no longer coming up. However the last couple of days I've had some sharp pains around the area of my wrap that started soon after twisting my body as I tossed a large bucket of water up over a railing. I've really slowed down a lot since then, as doing too much adds more pain, just in case a stitch started to tear through or something. No reflux or even heartburn, but just the pain.

Last night the pain kept me awake much of the night. It felt like acid but I'd taken the Ranitidine at bedtime, but it also felt sharp in that same spot. Logically I'm thinking, "OK, so maybe there's a little tear from the other day, and when I lay down a little acid leaks into it and causes so much pain?" Not sure...I don't think I'm going to call the doc just yet, but rather I will go back to small meals, softer food, and not a whole lot of water-bucket-tossing, and see if things calm down. If they don't - or get worse - or I start refluxing again - I'll be calling the doc for sure! Loving this post-NF life and not willing to go back! :)

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  1. Hi, I'm a nineteen year old with copious amounts of stomach problems including a hiatus hernia I've had since I was 14, and GERD which was only diagnosed 6 months ago, I'm waiting for surgery, and reading your blog made me feel slightly more prepared than anything the doctors have said to me. They haven't told me anything about a specific diet, or that i'll have to avoid foods etc, so I'd just like to say thank you so much for writing this blog, it really is a help.