Thursday, October 6, 2011

10 Months PostOp - and counting! #fundoplication

Things are going well. Very well. My appetite, and the amount of food I'm able to eat, is now about 75% what it was before the surgery. I guess my stomach is adjusting? I still have occasional trouble with pork for some reason, and hamburgers on buns (which I rarely eat anyway), getting these stuck. But the pork situation is getting better.

One experience I did have, last month, was AWFUL! I had run out of my anti-nausea pills (Zofran) because, while I typically only take 1-2 a month, I had to take 2 in a single weekend. On Monday I planned to call my doctor for more, but I didn't get to it, then woke up with a massive headache and nausea on Tuesday morning. I called my doctor for a refill of the Zofran, and was told I had to get it from the surgeon's office. I called the surgeon's office and was told I had to get it from my primary doctor. Meanwhile, I started retching.

Talk about PAIN! It was awful. And I'd heard of stories where retching could cause failure of the wrap, so I was also afraid...and it was only getting worse. I had no choice but to get to the ER. My sister called ahead of time and explained, so that I could get some zofran as soon as I got there. But first I had to explain to the receptionist - who didn't know about the wrap, why I couldn't just vomit...then had to explain again to the triage nurse but thankfully she did, and got me a zofran tablet right away, the minute I got to the gurney.

(My "roommate" in the 2-bed room was a MAN! I didn't know they did that, it wasn't very comfortable for me, but really I was too sick to care.)

I was there for 9 hours, during which I got an IV, 3 doses of dilaudid for the headache and stomach pain, and 4 doses of Zofran. The last doses they gave me one of each to carry me over on the hour-long ride home, and I had an instantaneous reaction of extreme severe itching all the way up my arm and shoulder, so I got a dose of benedryl in my IV also. I was half-asleep and dopey as heck for the rest of the evening from all the drugs, but at least the retching had stopped (although nothing they gave me helped the headache).

The best part is, they gave me an rx for 20 more Zofran tablets. Lesson way will I let myself run out of them again.

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