Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Diet and #GERD

This is NOT about the "standard GERD diet" that most doctors recommend, but that doesn't help so many people who are still living on antacids, PPI's, etc...this is different and, even if you believe that "low carb" is a fad diet (it isn't, but this isn't the place to debate it), if you are desperate or even want to try something different - and harmless - or avoid surgery or strong medications, read below, follow the links, see what others - including physicians and the MANY people for whom it worked - have shared, and consider if this might at least be worth a try for yourself.

My own personal experience: Only during a few months between 1991 and 2010 did my GERD ever abate, and that was when I first started eating low carb. Those first 3 months of eating this way were bliss! I could lay flat, I didn't cough and choke on my own stomach acids, I had amazing relief! And I was eating lots of fats also, tons of fatty foods, as most low carb plans are NOT high protein as so many of its detractors (and the press) would have you believe, but rather high fat. The body uses fats for energy much more efficiently than it uses sugars and starches, which are part of the problem for many - if not most - GERD sufferers.

However, one slice of bread - low carb bread - or a single dish of low-carb cereal or one cookie, and it all came back. I could not tolerate ANY grains whatsoever. I have read reports of GERD sufferers who, after eliminating wheat in all its forms from their diet, found relief; apparently wheat sensitivity is quite common (as is lactose/dairy) although most are unaware, and eliminating these foods can help. But in my case, any grains at all in my system would start the reflux which, a few years later, became violent.

This is no secret. It is well-known by some in the medical profession and all of us who have lived it, that eliminating grains and sugars (even "natural sugars" - sugar is sugar is sugar) and in some cases dairy from the diet can bring relief from even the worst reflux issues for many people and do for them what myriad drugs had not, enabling them to start living their lives normally again. If you are having reflux issues but are wary of the NF surgery...if you have a failed wrap...if your surgery wasn't effective for whatever reason...there are some resources that you may want to check out. Read and learn and, maybe, give yourself some relief :).

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