Monday, November 15, 2010

All Eyes On December 1st

Everything in my life, it seems, is focused on Dec. 1st. When I think about the future, it is divided into "before my surgery" and "after my surgery".

Goals for before my surgery: lay up a supply of food for my parrots (formerly known as Itty Bitty Birdie Bites, when I was still running my business); get my shop reorganized and cleaned; move our keyboards/bookcase/music books from the dining room to the half of my former shop that will now be the music room; clean the dining room, including the carpet; move my table/chairs from the sunroom to the dining room; clean the sunroom, including the carpet; move the futon into the sunroom for added living space or a place for guests; rearrange the bird cages to the other side of the living room so they'll have southern exposure and sunshine from the biggest windows through the winter, and move our living space to the other side where the birds were - of course cleaning thoroughly (including carpets!) as I go.

And I am putting up a website for our church. This is really important to me. Right now we are living without an income, and therefore without a tithe. This is our offering that God can use for the advancement of His kingdom and is very important for me to provide. It was grieving my heart that I had nothing to offer until we get some sort of income, then God put in my heart that I can still work toward growing His church and supporting my local congregation. Creating a website is how I am doing that. I want to get it up Before Surgery, and can fine-tune it and add to it After Surgery, especially in the first days (or weeks? I hope not!) when I probably won't be doing a whole lot else. But it energizes and excites me to know that I can still contribute resources to God's kingdom in this way.

These are the main things I want to accomplish. Each day I try to do at least SOMETHING toward my goals, depending on the state of my arthritis and gut pain I do more on some days than others. But these are things that I feel MUST be done.

I am writing an ebook also, and have picked it up and worked on it on and off for several months. Not sure what I will do with it once it is finished, but that is something I want to do After Surgery. I also want to do some more recording of music on my keyboard, and I have a lot of Christian materials here - music books, CDs, fiction and nonfiction books - that I need to organize and decide what I want to do with them...and I probably will be listing a bunch of stuff to sell that I will have weeded out during my rearranging and organizing Before Surgery.

I have much in my mind that needs to become reality, and I am making it happen. So I do what I can, when I can, and it will all get done...Before Surgery or After Surgery.

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