Tuesday, November 9, 2010

At The Doctor Yesterday

So there are a few things I need to do to prepare for surgery on Dec. 1st and one of them was to see my family doctor. Yesterday she did the standard stuff like an EKG and ordering lab work, and we also discussed the particulars of the upcoming surgery which she can pronounce and I still can't.

One of the things she mentioned is that I should consider going on a liquid diet now. This makes sense from the aspect that everything I eat makes me sick and causes pain and bloating anyway. (Recently I've had such huge bloats that even my largest pair of sweat pants don't fit, and I look flat-chested even though I wear a DD cup!) I know I can do this, I can do whatever I have to do. Many are the times I have wished to just go Home and leave the pain behind if I can't live without pain.

The irony here is that I am such a foodie! I go to sleep most nights watching recipe videos on YouTube. I blog about food, write about food, plan my life around food - not because I have a need to actually consume more food than others, but because everything about it fascinates me. I love creating dishes, I love serving food to those I love. I love grocery shopping, budgeting, planning. How food is used by the body, which foods cause health and wellness and which will kill, what our bodies need - and don't need - from the food we eat, why we eat what we do...everything about food fascinates me. Food is my passion.

Everything else we discussed during my 30-minute-long appointment is a blur now. All that stands out is that she strongly recommends I go on a liquid diet (not clear liquid, BTW) so that my "pipes" are in the best possible shape, and I will have the best possible outcome. And all I could think about was the huge grocery stockpiling I had just done last week, all of the wonderful marvelous dishes I had planned...

Today I am dealing with it all. I awoke this morning with the realization that I can still plan, shop, cook, and provide wonderful meals for my family and friends...I will just need to make my own soups and yogurt smoothies and things at the same time. (I will blog about what I will be eating in my other blog.)

Just another step on the journey, one that is maybe trying to trip me up a little bit but it is all part of attaining the goal of a normal healthy future.


  1. After my jaw reconstruction surgery when I was 13, I was on a liquid/foods-that-don't-have-to-be-chewed diet for 6 weeks after. I got so tired of eating the same ole that my mom started putting steaks (with pan juices) etc in the blender for me LOL Don't guess that would really work for you though, huh ;-)

  2. LOL! Well if I get desperate... :).