Tuesday, July 5, 2011

7-Month Post-Op Update #fundoplication

First, I have been more careful with lifting/pushing since my June 15th entry, and have no more problems with that type of pain.

Second, my eating is going fine, still mainly pork that gets stuck, although I did have on incident of bread sticking. I still haven't tried my beloved raw cauliflower and broccoli, sooner or later I might but I got the sternest warnings about those from my surgeon, so I don't really want to try - yet.

Third, I've made these awful noises every so often since the surgery. I think they're awful anyway, my husband says it's not so bad...but on the Nissen Fundoplication group on Facebook there was a discussion of these sounds by some of the members; they described it like a seal barking (yeah, that's it!) and the conclusion is that it is caused by some sort of spasm in the esophagus. No word from them on iAdf it ever goes away, but I guess I will find that out on my own, given enough time.

Fourth, I am afraid to hope, but I think I MIGHT be burping! I don't know if that's good or bad, but I think I've burped a couple of times, not just the shallow burps from air in my esophagus before it ever reaches my wrap, but real burps. When it happens I'm not paying that much attention so that I can properly identify where it came from, but maybe...

Fifth, I bent over after eating one day, and felt this awful yet familiar feeling in my throat...it took a few seconds to recognize it as ACID! I was horrified, certain that my wrap was failing, and got myself pretty worked up. However, it hasn't happened since. Put together with what I just wrote, it would make sense that IF air is coming back up at times, it could bring a little bit of acid (which I know my stomach is still full of!) with it. But it doesn't seem to be a sign of wrap failure, since it only happened that once, a couple of weeks ago. I even tested my wrap by eating something and then laying down flat on my bed to fall asleep. Nothing. I'm good.

And happy :).

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  1. Nice blog.. please keep the update..
    maybe i will have the fundoplication soon..(or not?)
    but i am happy to see a good result with fundoplication.