Thursday, July 7, 2011

Links: Doctor's Post-Op Guidelines after Laparoscopic Nissen #Fundoplication

This is a list for those who have questions, and also to show the VAST differences in how different surgeons instruct their patients. My own doctor was fairly conservative in his instructions, which was consistent with my own reading of patient accounts. It seemed that the people that had the most issues many times ate too much - or the wrong things - too soon, or resumed activity - or strenuous activity - too soon. Anyway, you will see below that recommendations do vary widely, and since we are all different, the doctor who actually did the surgery, along with our own gradual experimentation will be our best guide :).

Since there are so many, I'm just listing 10 to provide the basic ideas. But if you search the web, you will find LOTS more.

from Winchester Surgeons, Winchester, TN

from Aaron S. Bransky, MD, Plano, TX

from Casco Bay Surgery
, Portland, Maine

from Surgical Specialist of Plano, Plano, TX

from The Crawford Clinic, Anniston, AL

from Surgical Associates, PC (multiple locations)

from Newton-Wellesley Surgeons, Inc., Newton, MA

from Oregon Surgical Specialists, Medford, OR

from Tampa Bay Surgical Group, Bradenton, FL

From Cedar Surgical, Tacoma, WA

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