Thursday, January 6, 2011

It is good to be home again. Had a lovely #lowcarb breakfast of b/s chicken breast strips cooked in olive oil just until cooked through and very tender, seasoned with onion/garlic powders and sea salt, with melted havarti on top. Then I scraped all the crispy bits off the bottom of the skillet and sprinkled them on top...SO good!The hospital food wasn't bad, but they are all about low-fat, low-sodium and even the "low carb" staples are carby. I ordered a cream soup for one meal - guess what? It wasn't thickened with cream :(. Misnomer there...Anyway, I know what I am getting at home, and it is delicious and filling and lovely. Will blog later about my hospital stay at and about the food aspects of my stay at http://cheapeasylowcarb.blogspot com.


  1. Try putting a layer of cooked spinach between the chicken and cheese... Mmmmm... Well, when you can have it! A local pizza place used to do a calzone with chicken, spinach, garlic, and Italian cheeses stuffed inside. It's just as good w/o the crust!
    It's nice to not have to cook sometimes, but I like knowing what's going in my food too ;-)

  2. HAHA, that's exactly what I wanted to do :). Spinach is just about my favorite vegetable and I put a little in everything I can. It was buried in the back of the bottom drawer of the freezer though (we have a side by side), and I just couldn't get to it without pain and breathing issues. But yeah, when someone is here to dig it out for me, I will be back to putting it into most things I eat :).