Friday, January 7, 2011

My 1st Post-Fundoplication "I-shouldn't-have-eaten-that" MEGA-PAIN! #lowcarb #fundoplication

First, what I ate today. Breakfast was smoked turkey and salami, chopped up together, with some dijon mustard drizzled on, then swiss melted over the top.

Never made it to lunch...due to story below...

Supper, because of my stomachache from lunch, was a small bowl of plain yogurt, full fat of course, with a little vanilla and a drop of liquid sucralose. I had no appetite but wanted something creamy and this was very nice.

So early this afternoon I was out and getting hungry, had a pill I needed to take, and saw one of those little plastic bottles of chocolate milk near the cash register. Grabbed it, thinking it would (a) take away the hunger pangs, (b) enable me to take my pill, and (c) be a nice little sweet treat since I hadn't had any in FOREVER. For about 26g of carbs it would be great! So I bought it, drank it, and by the time I got home I was WRITHING and moaning in pain. It was just awful! I've never had pain like that since my surgery last month, and I hope I never do again! My stomach wanted to send it back up but of course I can no longer vomit so it had no place to go. I took a Zofran but have no way of knowing if it helped at all, maybe the episode would have lasted longer or been more severe (how, I can't imagine!) without it? Anyway, it lasted nearly 30 minutes and that was a very very long 30 minutes!

My doctor didn't, but many surgeons who do these surgeries recommend against chocolate afterward. Now I know why...

So not much eaten today. Probably less than 35g of carbs, and definitely less than $5 total.


  1. Oh no! Have you drank milk lately? Seems the milk would've been harder to digest than the little bit of chocolate in most of those drinks...

  2. Yes I drank a carton of whole milk on Tuesday and one on Wednesday while I was in the hospital, no problem either time. I love milk, and have started having a glass once or twice a week, although often I use heavy cream mixed with water, with a couple drops of vanilla and a drop of liquid sucralose for my "milk" :).

  3. Bless your heart - and heartburn and rough pain!
    Chalk it up to a hard lesson learned, eh?