Monday, January 3, 2011


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Here's my update. After spending 6 hours in the ER getting morphine for "chest pain" I was admitted. I came in because I can't catch my breath, and there is a band of tightness or pressure around my rib cage. I have pain that waxes and wanes but it isn't my chief complaint - or even any complaint. But they seem focused on "chest pain" - once they see a history of cardiac issues they zoom right in on that, and don't seem to hear me when I tell them this type of pain feels like it is from this band of pressure, and is nothing like any angina I've ever had. It has been determined that I have chest pain and nothing I can say is changing that. That I can't catch my breath unless I've got O2 flowing up my nostrils seems to be an unwelcome distraction to them.

All of my tests have come back fine. Tomorrow will be a lot more tests, mostly cardiac but I will also have to repeat a test that is related to my fundoplication that was the most miserable awful test I've ever had. I have to take about 8 swallows of the most vile awful evil liquid ever devised and have pictures taken after each one. I'm not sure why my gut surgeon is involved since everything is going really well, digestively speaking. But he is and I am glad that they are looking into all possible causes, even if they seem determined to look at the wrong problem.

I'm having issues with the "heart healthy" diet they have me on, that is totally opposite to what I have eaten for the last nearly-7 years, that has gotten my blood lipids back into normal ranges and has kept my blood sugar normal and on a good path. Both of these issues they keep asking me about, and can't seem to believe that this overweight middle-aged woman doesn't have high cholesterol (as defined by bad science) and diabetes. The nurse told me that my blood lipids would be checked in the morning to determine if I need statins. I told her that I will not be taking statins, and she reiterated that we don't know if I will need them or not. I will save that particular "battle" for after the results come back since that will be a moot point. At another hospital I was put onto a statin drug. I asked for my blood results and they were totally fine, yet the doctor argued with me that I needed to be on a statin due to my "risk factors" - ie, a high-fat diet, age, and weight. The way the medical profession thinks is way beyond me...but I never took their drug then and won't now

So back to the "heart healthy" diet. I will become a diabetic if I have to stay on this for very long. No fats, lots of carbs as both sugars and starches. It is infuriating, and if I'm not discharged tomorrow, the doctor and I will have to revisit the diet that he ordered for me. I am pretty much decided that I can get through a day or 2 without eating any of it, if my options remain limited to unhealthy foods.

But mainly, I want to know why I am short of breath whenever my O2 is off. That is not the goal of the hospitalist that is handling my case (and must be all of about 17 years old!), but it is mine. Make it so I can breathe as well as I was breathing 48 yours ago, and send me home. And I will be a happy camper :)


  1. How frustrating! Praying they find out what's going on soon so you can get home and back to healthy (for you!) eating!

  2. Thinking of you often. :) Prayers for both you and Pete.

  3. I am so sorry that you are going through this. Praying for you Honey!!

  4. So sorry you're having to go through this!! I hope you are already out and feeling better!