Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Sometimes We Have to be Selfish

Yeah. Even Christians. Sometimes you pray and pray, but it doesn't change other people, people who are determined to do things that are detrimental to themselves and to those around them - even the most innocent...but who steadfastly believe they aren't harming anyone or that their own choices and desires are all that matter. Sooner or later they learn but almost always after the damage is done...and when faced with someone thus determined day in and day out, stress is the natural result.

I started to look up articles on stress and health, stress and healing, etc. but the articles are too numerous to list. Let's just say that the effects of stress are known to be detrimental not only to the emotional well-being of people, but to the physical as well, and when one is trying to recover from physical trauma (such as a major surgery for example) or physical illness, healing is slowed by about 40% according to some of the sources I just read.

So sometimes, after an incredible battle has been fought for health, including heavy financial investments, it is time to say, "I cannot let this work against me and everything I've been fighting for." The toll on the innocent will be heavy, although delayed; the toll on those continually being lied to or treated without respect or consideration, day after day, week after week, month after month can only continue when it is allowed.

Then we reach a point where we realize. And have to make the decision that it has got to stop.

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