Saturday, December 4, 2010

3 Days Later

(NOTE: If you are seeing this on Facebook, please click below to see the entire post or go to my blog itself. I don't always make my point in the first paragraph, which is all that shows up on my Facebook page. I mean, if you actually want to see it all :).)

I haven't felt up getting on my computer, or doing anything else actually, and still don't. But I can do a short update,

Surgery was long and tough as expected. I survived, as expected. Would have been discharged yesterday if I hadn't developed pneumonia - not expected. Who would have thought that, for a woman who does everything I do taking care of my home and family and a toddler, that walking 15' down the hall would be such an exhausting and difficult task??? Or writing in my that's it for today...


  1. Yay!!! Welcome back. You were missed.

  2. Recovery is not always linear!
    Glad you are well!

  3. I like that, Anne fits, thank you :)

    Grace I'm glad I can get online at least! Actually the hospital connection is better than at home!

  4. So glad you're out. Feel better soon.

  5. Get well, take it slow and easy. You deserve the rest. We all will be here when you're up to it.