Monday, December 27, 2010

Day 26: Pushing my Limits [ #fundoplication but not necessarily #lowcarb ]

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Interestingly enough I still get a bellyache from ground beef. Hadn't tried it in, oh, about a week maybe? so today I go yet :(. But Pete made one of those little Totino thin crust pizzas and I nibbled on part of it this afternoon and had no problem. Also today I made a smoothie with full-fat plain yogurt, chocolate protein powder, SF almond syrup, a little vanilla, and a drop of the liquid sucralose.

I was pushing my limits in trying the cheap little thin pizza but it worked out ok; I'd read various accounts of people either handling, or not handling, pizza online as they were recovering from a nissen fundoplication, so I had to try it for myself - otherwise I probably wouldn't have even thought of it. Then, I thought I'd do better with ground beef by now but I was wrong about that. Probably a carbier day than most, but eating pizza isn't the norm either. Today I don't care so much about food and could have eaten anything, or not, and it wouldn't have mattered much.

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