Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Today Is The Day

(NOTE: If you are seeing this on Facebook, please click below to see the entire post or go to my blog itself. I don't always make my point in the first paragraph, which is all that shows up on my Facebook page. I mean, if you actually want to see it all :).)

In about half an hour I will be leaving for the hospital for my life-changing surgery. I anticipate all will go well, with all of the prayers of my family and friends and knowing that God holds me always in the palm of His hand. Nothing happens to me that He doesn't allow, or cause, and He is faithful. I am planning on a positive outcome in spite of the relatively high numbers of failures (3-4 of every 10 according to WebMD) that can cause lifelong issues which can be way worse than the ones the surgery is intended to correct. I have faith that I won't be in that number but if I am it is because God has a purpose for me in that condition and in that case, I will still consider it good. Even if He decides it is my day to go home, it will be good. So it is win win win no matter what, but of course, the probability and the hope and the plan are for remission of the pain and other symptoms. This is a "last resort" surgery, and the key to my future.

Things will be different afterward. Even though it is NOT weight loss surgery, how I eat will be changed. Once I'm past the clear liquid stage...then the full liquid stage...then the soft foods...and so on until I'm eating everything I can, there are certain foods I may never be able to eat again, or not for many months, but it will be worth that sacrifice. Whether I want to or not, I will have to lose more weight (ugh, I HATE HATE HATE the saggy skin!) so that it doesn't fail. As a foodie, these things are more concerning to me than today surgery itself, but whatever comes God and I will deal with it. I will just have to be a different kind of foodie I guess :). I changed how I shopped/cooked/ate when I went low carb 6-1/2 years ago, I can do it again if need be!

I expect to be back online by tomorrow, if not today. Not sure if the hospital has internet or, if not, if my internet stick will get a good enough signal there. I should only have to be in there for a couple of days if all goes well. I'm so thankful for the people who have made this happen, who followed God's leading and are doing so much for me, there aren't words big enough to say it but I think they know...

As soon as hubby gets the car loaded (I'll be staying at my sister's for a while afterward so I have "stuff") we'll be off!


  1. You are in my prayers. God is with you.

  2. Good luck with the surgery. Hope to see an update soon.

  3. I hope your surgery went very well and wish you a speedy recovery!! Update us when you are able.