Sunday, December 19, 2010

Day 18 - What I Ate

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First, I think I referred to yesterday as Day 18. I don't know. My days are messed up I guess; I had my surgery on the 1st, today is the 19th, you do the math if it is important to you :). But here is what I ate anyway:

an egg, scrambled with cream cheese and just a little finely chopped spinach, about 1/2c total

plain full-fat yogurt mixed with a spoonful of SF blackberry jam (no seeds in it), about 1/2c total

leftover baked potato, no skin, heated and mashed with butter, about 1/2c total

chicken breast and ham with swiss melted on top, about 4 oz total

the last of my SF pudding, about 1/4c total

You can see that I'm still not eating nearly as much as I did before, but of course, I don't want to :). I do feel better now than I did even a week ago, about getting enough food to nourish myself.

I want more vegetables. Sweet potato and a tiny bit of spinach isn't enough. I will have to go to the store tomorrow and scan the produce section for something that won't cause gas, doesn't have seeds or skins, and isn't too fibrous (root veggies are out for now). I'm thinking some sort of squash. (Yes I know squash is a fruit, but we're not being too picky at this point.) If you think of anything else, I'll be happy to hear about it :). And I will make some creamed spinach since today's spinach didn't seem to bother me at all. I also want to see how shirataki noodles go down.

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