Friday, December 17, 2010

Just a Quick Note on Eating, Day 16 [ #lowcarb #fundoplication ]

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I don't remember, now, what order I had my mini-meals today. Something significant is my sweet tooth, which I've never really had much of one, today demanded my attention.

One mini-meal was a slice of turkey ham, cut up small and dipped in honey-mustard (< 1 tsp total); for another I had part of a hamburger with swiss cheese; for another I had 2 strips of chicken that had been seasoned and fried in olive oil, which I dipped in ranch dressing; for another I had SF vanilla ice cream (about 5 bites) with a drizzle of SF maple syrup over it; for another I had some SF cheesecake flavored pudding made with whole milk. Definitely covered my meats'n'sweets today but not much else!

I think I will back off the beef for a while and revisit it later. Each time I've eaten it, it has left me with a heavy feeling in my stomach for a couple of hours. Better to leave it for now I think.

I am really craving vegetables and might try some creamed spinach tomorrow. I also still have part of a small sweet potato in the fridge left over from a couple of days ago. I will probably wait until 30 days post-surgery to try adding in the more fibrous veggies, and then after that, the "gassy" ones (which happen to be my favorites: cabbage, cauliflower, broccoli...) but in the meantime I'll do some cooked spinach and maybe some string beans and well-cooked carrots.

So today I added sweets which means I added artificial sweeteners. Given my more straight route through, I will have to see how those now affect me, if the decreased travel time will have any effect. (They've never bothered me in the past.)

Still, with my small portions, even carbier foods don't add many carbs, but I'm trying not to have them every day.

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