Tuesday, December 14, 2010

...And I Continue to Add Foods...

Last night I went out to the Christmas party for the company I work with seasonally (April-Oct). As always it was a great time, but I had reservations about what I might be able to eat. This is the first restaurant meal since the surgery. But they had a very tasty potato-crusted cod on the menu, and I got that with a peeled baked potato. Delicious! I was able to eat about 10 tiny bites of each, and took the rest back to my sister's where I had a little more of each for breakfast, and then finished it off this evening for supper.

Throughout the day today I was in the car a lot. So I had a container of creamy cottage cheese (4% milkfat) and a plastic spoon. Whenever I got hungry I ate a few spoonsful of that. Soon after arriving home I finished off my fish and potato from yesterday (reheated in a frying pan with butter). About 90 minutes later I had SF jello with plain full-fat yogurt. And my new food for the day was turkey ham. I nibbled on a slice as my last "meal" of the day, with no problems or issues.

Tomorrow will be a challenge, as we are leaving early in the morning for an appointment my husband has 2.5 hours away, and will be gone much of the day. I will take my container of yogurt and a spoon, and probably a couple of slices of ham, since I will need to eat several times while we're out.

Things continue to come along very well, I'm eating just fine and my stomach is handling everything I send down. The appointment with my surgeon's PA went well, he seemed pleased at how things are going also, and I have lost 10#. I am just going to keep doing what I'm doing, many small meals a day, adding 1-2 new foods each day in small quantities, and not forcing my stomach to accept anything for which it is not ready. Other than potatoes I will be cutting back on the carbs now that I have plenty of low-carb options available to me; hopefully I will be back at my usual level of carbs within a week or two, and will have eliminated carby foods altogether by then. I have decided, however, that I will allow a baked potato or 2 per week.

All is well :).

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