Thursday, December 30, 2010

Day 29 [ #lowcarb #fundoplication ]

Today was a total loss. Slept a lot, didn't get dressed, and ate carbs. The end.


  1. P.S. Oh yeah. I tasted coffee (decaf) for the first time today. It has been my favorite beverage for decades, and I consumed high quantities of the stuff on a daily basis. Since the surgery, just decaf tea...but this morning I fixed a lovely cup, it smells so good brewing...and almost spit it out because it tasted so vile. I don't understand my tastes changing so radically. But tea is now preferred although I'm drinking it with caffeine for my first morning cup now.

  2. Rough changes - all for the better.
    And then sometimes it tastes bad,
    and you can't wait to get it out of your mouth.
    And btw, Happy New Year!