Sunday, December 12, 2010

Hard to Believe it is Day 11 Already!

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Yesterday Gwen took me to Menard's so I could walk. I feel the need for exercise, and Menard's was a great choice even for the 2nd-Saturday-before-Christmas! Wide aisles, very well-lit, and not crowded as the mall or Walmart would be. I was able to walk the inner perimeter of the store - not the very outside aisles, but the next-smaller perimeter. Stopped a few times to rest and catch my breath but made it all the way around. At the end my legs were wobbly and I was really winded but it was worth it! The fresh cold air and the exercise really helped me. I wish I could do it every day! (And, as a side note, Menard's has changed a LOT since the last time I was there, right after the store opened, when I still lived down here!)

I ate pretty well yesterday: spread my SF-jello-and-yogurt breakfast out over a couple of hours, then had a supper of potato flakes browned in butter, then a layer a cheese, then a beaten egg poured over it all. Have to say it was not only the most elaborate meal I've had since my surgery but also my most filling! I did eat the whole egg though (potato flakes and shredded cheese about a Tbsp combined, if that) and that was good! Then had the remainder of my tuna/mayo later in the evening. So I did well. But I'm still craving vegetables. I will try a sweet potato (no skin of course) when I get home, I haven't had a veggie in 2 weeks except a couple bites of pureed carrot in the hospital.

Not a whole lot new to report other than the trip to Menard's, except that I'm still having so much pain. Seems to be coming from a big hard lump around my navel, and it pulls from all directions and hurts enough that I sometimes want to cry. It is also increasing in size. If not for that I think I would be much more comfortable, as this pain is overpowering the rest of the belly pain that I've been experiencing, to the point that I can't even tell if the other pain is still there. It is pretty severe and I'm not sure why it is appearing now and getting worse each day...but I see the surgeon on Tuesday, so I guess we'll find out then...and then I am going home! I have certainly appreciated this time at Gwen's to recover, and I certainly need much more time, but I think if I am very very careful, and with the help of my wonderful husband and daughter, I can do it there. I have been very comfortable and had lots of help to get stronger here, and just love the time with my sister and her family...but of course there is no place like home :).

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