Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Day 28 - My First Restaurant Meals [ #fundoplication #lowcarb ]

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My husband and grandson and I spent the day in Saginaw, about 2 hours away. Hubby had some business down there, and since it was his birthday we were going to go to Fire Mountain for lunch. However, he got some great news while we were driving down and we splurged on Super Buffet to celebrate. (You can read more about his great news and other details about the day at my other blog so I can keep this one about food.) But today I ate a LOT of new-since-surgery foods and handled it all very well!

Super Buffet is nice because there are just as many American - or Americanized - foods as Asian on the buffet tables. I've always enjoyed buffets because I don't have to feel "different", I can take a lot of food, as long as it is low carb, as opposed to ordering off the diet menu in a sit-down restaurant while everyone else has burgers and fries. Plus, I like being able to have a couple of bites of a lot of things rather than a lot of bites of a couple of foods :).

#1 discovery: I can't do justice to a buffet like I used to. I was good for about 1/4c spinach with cheese melted on it, one small stuffed (cream cheese/crab) mushroom cap, about 2 oz. of baked fish, and 4 bites of mixed seafood* in butter. Then, after some hot tea and a rest, I was able to eat 4 small bites of their lovely apple strudel - a real treat, since I usually bypass it. But given as little as I'm eating, I am still getting very few carbs...

After a full afternoon we stopped in Midland for something I needed and then had a light supper at the Texan restaurant. I got corned beef hash and 2 fried eggs. I ate half. I told the waitress I couldn't have toast and she brought 2 huge pancakes instead - YIKES! I had a few bites of one of them but that was more than enough.

Then tonight when I got home I had another dish of my SF chocolate pudding made with 50/50 heavy cream/water instead of milk (thereby saving over 20g carbs!)...

I didn't eat enough meals today and felt hungry more than I felt satisfied. Just 2 meals, really, plus a snack. Glad that doesn't happen at home, and next time we're on a day trip I need to pack some things to have in the car with us. This didn't work well on several levels, not only my stomach but also in terms of comfort and energy (or lack thereof).

So that was my food day, first time restaurant(s) and it went just fine.

* The mixed seafood uses "Krab" which contains sugar, so I usually eat mostly the other stuff, with just a bite or 2 of the fake stuff.


  1. I haven't been to Super Buffet since I started low carbing. What do they have that is low carb? I would love to go back.

  2. When dealing with asian foods, even light sauces can have carby thickeners and sweeteners in them, which is always a concern, so I limit those and the ones I do eat (such as some of the meat dishes in a thin liquid), I try to leave as much sauce as possible behind. But I like the egg drop soup, the spinach with cheese melted over it, those lovely string beans, the stuffed mushroom caps (which are stuffed with the cream cheese/crab mixture used in rangoons), the roasted chicken, many of the salad bar options (before, when I could eat raw vegetables), the seafood such as shrimp in butter or other things besides the "krab", the baked fish (they usually have salmon plus another one besides)...and I'm sure I'm forgetting some. I know that I don't have any trouble filling up there :).