Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Some Things I Learned This Morning

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I knew it would be hard to stay uninvolved - physically - from the things going on around me once I got home but thought I could do it. I didn't do so well today, my first morning home, and am paying the price...

Pete has an appt. in Saginaw at 9:45 this morning. It is a 2-hour drive. With the icy roads we allowed extra time, and planned to leave at 7:15. And had to get the baby ready to go with us.

As Pete was trying to fix some eggs for the baby and I, I worked on packing some snacks and drinks for him, which entailed reaching to a top cupboard shelf. It hurt; I sat down with my tea and meds and eggs. Pete was running around trying to get everything ready to go so I helped with dressing Leelan. Ouch. Because of the rush, I ate my 3 bites of eggs too fast, or didn't chew them well, or something; now, 2 hours later, I'm still hurting. Then, a few minutes ago, I twisted around in my seat to see what Leelan was doing when he started to whine. MAJOR OUCH!

Right now I'm really hurting, but mostly wondering how am I going to not get involved when things need to be done? At my sister's it was easy because none of the activity was "my stuff" - now it is. And I thought I could not get involved...this is too important, I have to figure something out here...this can't continue. Meanwhile the baby is fussing in the back seat...

Gwen was right, this morning is too much.

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