Sunday, December 12, 2010

Day 11: What I'm Eating These Days

(NOTE: If you are seeing this on Facebook, please go to my blog - - to see my whole post. I don't always make my point in the first paragraph, which is all that shows up on my Facebook page. I mean, if you actually want to see it all :).)

I guess you could say I'm eating low carb although I'm not necessarily eating a low carb foods. But the amounts of food that I'm taking in are so small that even a carby food only adds a few grams, and I've been around - or below - the 10g/day mark every day so far. I'm not afraid to add more (either carbs or calories which I never pay attention to) though, this early in the recovery process.

So what have I been eating? I mentioned yogurt before...I have a bucket of full fat plain yogurt here. It is wonderful that with a splash of vanilla a drop of liquid sucralose I have vanilla - or tossed with SF jello I have a raspberry or lime salad - or whatever. It is thick and creamy and great to have. I also have full fat cottage cheese, which I've eaten alone or tossed with jello also. Eggs are another food I'm eating, and were my only good protein source up until a couple of days ago when I had some tuna with lots of full fat mayo. It was delicious! And I have had some cream of rice cereal (with cream and butter and liquid sucralose), and also some potato - both leftover baked with lots of butter (no skin of course), and the flakes mixed with my broth and butter. Typing it all out like this, I can see that I've had quite an extensive selection!

I miss vegetables. I'd like some winter squash (a fruit, I know, but still...) like butternut or turban or acorn...or baked sweet potato, either with lots of butter and cinnamon, and a little brown sugar sub. I'd like some meat that I can chew, even though I know I will have to chew a lot, like a good chicken thigh. (Beef and pork come later.) But mostly it is the vegetables I miss.

Last night I combined flavors by browning a tsp or so of potato flakes in some butter; then I added some shredded cheese, and when that was melty I topped it with a beaten egg. Once the edges set I could turn it over and cook the other side. I was really surprised I was able to eat the whole thing without getting the "stop eating now!" feeling that usually hits me after just a few bites, and it was really really good. Might even be something that I will make once in a while after my diet is back to normal - or the new normal :).

I'm still excited about food and spend much of my leisure time (which is almost all of the time!) watching cooking videos online. Until life gets back to the new normal I am happy with what I've got, and with what I'm eating :).

(Other details, the ones that don't involve food, of my recovery can be found at my blog.)


  1. I love the cooking shows and videos, too!

  2. So glad you are back to blogging! Just spend a few minutes catching up with all your news. Sounds like you are on the mend allbeit slow. Hope you feel stronger each day and that all of this works out for you.