Monday, December 20, 2010

Oh, And I Almost Forgot...

(NOTE: If you are seeing this on Facebook, please go to my blog - - to see my whole post. I don't make my points in the first paragraph, which is all that shows up on my Facebook page :).)

...I can sleep on my sides now! I wake up sore but not in terrible pain as I have for the first couple of weeks post-surg...but sleeping on my sides is my naturally preferred way, and I am so happy that I can finally do it without awakening myself with pain from trying!

I am still sleeping on the bean bag but probably tonight I will attempt sleep without it. Now that I am side-sleeping it is starting to get in my way. But it was excellent - necessary even! - to help me get comfortable when the pain was still so great when I moved. I highly recommend one to anybody having a majory surgery, especially one where movement causes pain!

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