Thursday, December 23, 2010

Day 22 #fundoplication #lowcarb

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Strange day. Wall of exhaustion, everything took too much effort.

Ate some creamy cheesy macaroni, a few bites of cream of wheat (with half'n'half, butter, brown sugar sub, and cinnamon), some lovely fish that hubby fried up in olive oil (no coatings of any kind), and some full-fat plain yogurt mixed with SF almond flavored syrup. I can't seem to get more than 4 mini-meals - aka "snacks" - into my days, no matter what I'm supposed to be doing.

Hungry now but about to go to bed and don't want to lay down on a full (HA! that word has a whole new meaning now!) stomach - made that mistake last night. No reflux of course, but definitely miserable.

Speaking of eating: I have always finished what is on my plate. Now I am at war with the "need" to eat those last few bites vs. my stomach telling me, "Enough! Not one more bite!" When I don't listen to my stomach, I get pain. But the voice in my head has over a half century of controlling how I eat. It's a tough fight.


  1. Yes , but -
    That voice is not your (or my) Authentic Voice.
    so we don't have to obey it. In fact, it should obey us!
    Once we re-establish our true domain.... not just in the kitchen,
    but in our minds and our lives!
    The other little voice it just another trick in another form.
    The same voice that once told us to eat candy cuz it was good, and we deserve it! So forget about it, put that Past Entity in it's place - and have a great day!

  2. Brilliant! This strikes a chord in me! Past Entity has no place in my present (or future), this is perfect! Thank you Anne!
    I hope you enjoy your Christmas and have a great New Year's while you're at it :).