Thursday, December 16, 2010

Pay Attention!

Oy what a belly ache! Starting to take things for granted I guess...

First meal: a scrambled egg (yes, an entire egg!)

2nd meal: some cream of wheat, prepared with cream, butter, brown sugar sub, and cinnamon.

3rd meal: full-fat plain yogurt with SF raspberry jello, which I nursed throughout the afternoon.

Evening I had another hamburger with swiss and mayo. But I got myself into trouble. I was talking and not concentrating on my chewing, timing between bites, size of bites, etc. and suddenly I couldn't swallow, couldn't burp, couldn't do anything. It was like a piece of meat - probably a chunk (I chew until my food is liquified, when I'm paying attention) - just was sitting in my lower esophagus and wouldn't move. For the half-minute or so that I tried to swallow some warm tea, it was like my swallower wouldn't work at all. I got nothing. When I could sip the tea, it did help it to pass...followed by nausea.

Thankfulfor the nausea pills...another lesson learned...PAY ATTENTION! I can't afford not to, since I couldn't even cough or choke - I got NO response at all from my throat or esophagus. I did eat about 5 bites of supper but won't eat anything else tonight, just stick with my tea.

Now I want to just go back to liquids and really soft foods. That scared me.

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  1. What a scary thing to have happpen to you. You really need to be mindful of all you are doing at a meal. Be careful and go slow.