Sunday, December 26, 2010

Day 25 - Feeling Almost Normal [ #lowcarb #fundoplication ]

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I'm starting to eat more normally now. I don't think about every bite that goes into my mouth, wondering if my stomach can handle it yet; I just eat it. I haven't ventured forth yet to test if I can handle some of the restrictioned foods but I now know that I can handle my lovely tomato soup, and vegetable juice. I can eat chicken skin and potato skin, and I can eat dry cereal. (I dropped some when I was packing it up for my grandson.) I'm going to be trying ground beef again in the next couple of days, and also a slice of thin-crust pizza which isn't a typical food for my low carb eating, but something I want to try. I've already eaten toasted pita which was fine.

I will probably start with more cooked vegetables this week, and will use a simethicone tablet with them at first, at least. And probably some cooked root vegetables. Potato skins are tough to digest I think, but I doubt that toasted rutabaga is any worse - but I will find out soon :).

So I believe all is going well, and my stomach feels more natural to me now. The big thing I'm still getting used to is chewing more, so that my food will fit down the smaller opening, so I still have to concentrate on that while I eat.

Today I ate cottage cheese, part of a piece of chicken, some creamed spinach, a whole baked potato (but not a big one - still, more about that in a minute!), more cottage cheese, and some yogurt with SF flavored syrup mixed in.

Here's the deal with the baked potato: Pete made us a lovely supper of baked chicken legs, potatoes, and creamed spinach. He served me a leg, a potato (well buttered of course!), and about 1/4c of the spinach. I'd only wanted part of the potato, along with a little skin, to see how my gut handled it, but once it was there on my plate, all buttery goodness...I didn't stop as planned. I paid the price, too, with pain...but it wasn't the same pain as I've had previously, where I felt I had hurt something inside. This was a more general belly pain, which I'm guessing will be more the norm unless and until my stomach normalizes in size again. (Actually I'd rather it not normalize at all, and that it would stay smaller, but that won't happen if I glutton out on baked potatoes!) After that, about mid-afternoon, I've only had a small cup of cottage cheese, and one of yogurt.

Tomorrow I'd like to start resuming my cooking tasks as I start adding back in more and more foods, and I'm looking forward to it!


  1. There are soooo many better things than baked potatoes! Thank goodness!
    What about protein shakes? Or have I asked that before.... I'm sorry.....
    I was thinking it out loud, maybe.
    Glad you are on the mending side!

  2. You are right, there are :). But I love them, and have a couple every week. Not a typical low carb food, but I've incorporated them into my eating because I am so crazy about them. I've found replacements for everything else, but nothing else can take the place of a lovely fluffy baked potato slathered with butter :).

    You haven't mentioned protein shakes, no. They are ok but I drank them fairly often the first couple of years and rather burned out on them. I did just order more protein powder yesterday from amazon though.

    Thank you, Anne! :)