Friday, December 10, 2010

Day 9: Antibiotics and Pain

Today the pain was much worse, but I know why: last night I kept waking up on my side. That is my standard position for sleep, and for some reason I kept reverting to it throughout the night, And it HURT! I haven't been able to lay on my side since the surgery, it is WAY too painful. And today I paid for it. So tonight I put the dreaded "girdle" back on. Because it caused that enormous, painful, seepy rash the last time I wore it, it is on over a t-shirt and not touching my skin. The support is already helping with the pain - I wish I would have worn it all day, now, rather than suffer.

The results of last night's blood work came in, apparently I have a UTI. Started on cipro today.

I feel that I'm losing ground with strength though. I walk "laps" around my sister's house, and I use the apparatus from the respiratory therapist many times a day, but I'm starting to get winded again. So Gwen has agreed to take me to Menard's so that I can walk around tomorrow. I don't know how far I will get but I do know it is what I need.

Ate pretty well, maybe a whole cup of food all together! Had the applesauce/yogurt/cinnamon/sweetener for breakfast, almost half of a small can of tuna with plenty of mayo for lunch, and for "supper" some lime SF jello with cottage cheese. I had slightly - very slightly! - larger portions today, but I absolutely must stop eating at the first sign of satiation. Any more and I'm in pain. So I'm constantly listening to my body, chewing until food is completely liquified, and allowing 30 seconds MINIMUM between bites. I had no idea how fast I ate before, but watching the clock now is very revealing.

And I burped a couple of times today too - YAY! So many people who have this surgery can no longer burp that I am thankful I dodged that particular bullet!

This isn't weight loss surgery but I'm losing weight fairly quickly. I crave my good low carb meats and veggies, and am finally starting to look forward to being able to eat them again.

I know that in time I will be able to eat more normally, and once I get home I will start more aggressively adding in new foods as I heal. I will love the day when I can have a juicy cheeseburger (no bun of course, that's no different than before) with SF ketchup and mayo! :)

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  1. Progress is good, even if it's just baby steps :-) Your body is using lots of energy healing from surgery, and more fighting the UTI. Perfectly understandable what you're easily winded! Add to that the lack of quality nutrition... After I had Gabriel we would go for walks. It started out only 5-10 minutes at most but I worked up to 30 minutes in a short time. Those first few days of pushing through it were the worst!