Thursday, December 16, 2010

Added Another New Food Yesterday [ #lowcarb #fundoplication ]

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Yesterday was a crazy and difficult day. (See my personal blog blog if interested.) But I ate ok. Not as often as I'd have liked but it just wasn't possible. But I did eat well, and low carb :).

Had several bites of scrambled egg with melted cheese early in the morning. On the road I had a string cheese stick. After we got home, my beloved fried me a hamburger with melted swiss over it, and mayo on the side - I'd been thinking about one of those since I was still in the hospital! - and it was every bit as wonderful as I'd imagined it would be! A couple of hours later he baked me a very small sweet potato; I ate about half of it, with lots of butter plus some brown sugar sub and cinnamon. And my final meal of the day was more of my hamburger/swiss.

While sweet potato isn't on most lists of low carb foods, just eating a few bites at a time, and the nutrition they provide, was a good fit into my day.

We have some inexpensive Michelina meals in the freezer, for in a pinch. My husband is desperately searching for a job, in addition to babysitting our toddler grandson since I can't, take care of me, the house, the dogs and parrots...and these might be a simple meal for one of us if he's having "one of those days".

So all is still going well with the eating. I am almost taking normal-sized bites now, but still chewing very very well and swallowing partial mouthfuls as I go, so nothing gets stuck in the narrowed opening on the way down.

Where food is concerned at least, it's all good :).

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