Saturday, December 18, 2010

Day 17 - Tummy Tantrums [ #low carb #fundoplication ]

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My stomach hasn't been comfortable with anything I ate today, although it sent hunger signals it petulantly let me know I wasn't sending back the expected foods. All day. In no uncertain terms.

So my tiny meals were a bit odd today as I tried to figure out what I was expected to send down.

A small piece of chicken breast. A few bites of mashed sweet potato. An egg scrambled with cream cheese. A few bites of SF pudding. Some warm and creamy tuna and mayo with swiss melted on top. A few bites of well-buttered baked potato.

I never got it right. But tomorrow is another day.


  1. It's a guessing game.
    The tuna sounds good though.
    Creamed with what, may I ask?
    I want to eat it, whatever it was!

  2. Just made the tuna real creamy with pure mayo (the kind with only 3 ingredients, and I know what all 3 of them are!). And actually the swiss on top sort of melted into it truly was lovely! In better days I'd probably add some shallot and celery and of course a handful (only a slight exaggeration!) of smoked paprika as well!