Monday, December 20, 2010

Day 19 - Lots of Improvement!

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First of all, it was exciting to be able to sleep on my sides - both of them - early this morning! I was able to get the bean bag out of the bed and sleep normally. I got a lot of good rest and am looking forward to sleeping well again tonight, in my natural position! I still use the bean bag for times like this, when I am sitting in bed with Nellie (my netbook), but during the day my 20-month-old grandson had a great time with it :).

Pain levels were WAY down. I took something when I first got up, which is always uncomfortable as my insides get shifted around and start bumping into each other (at least that's what it feels like!) and as I have my first food of the day. But then I didn't need anything else until late this afternoon when aforementioned grandson tried to climb on me as I tried to keep him from doing so, and somehow his knee ended up in my belly with his body coming down right behind it. When the pain didn't subside within a few minutes I took something and came into the bedroom with Nellie to protect myself. But I hardly used any pain meds today.

I was more active today as well, although husband's concern kept me from doing too much (as is my habit the first time I start feeling better after any illness or whatever). But if I feel this good tomorrow my plan is to do a little bit more in the morning, see if it causes me any distress, and if not, do a little more and a little more. I need to be rejoining my own life, if that makes any sense.

I am also almost completely comfortable playing my keyboards now, sitting up straight and stretching my belly in so doing. In fact, I can reach the floor now if I go slowly. Twisting and stretching are still uncomfortable but I feel I can do it if I have to. The things that still cause actual pain are lifting and reaching - quite a shortened list from just a few days ago!

(Seems like there was something else I wanted to mention that was good news but now I can't think of it...)

So I would say that all is going much better, and tomorrow I will do a few more of my normal activities and see what happens!

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