Monday, December 20, 2010

Day 19 - and yes, I'm sure of it.

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Ate an egg scrambled with cream cheese first. Then 2 lovely chicken breast strips dipped in ranch dressing late morning. A couple of hours later had some cream of mushroom soup. Then more about an hour after that.

This evening I rinsed/drained/dried some angel hair shiritaki noodles, then tossed them around a frying pan that contained hot butter and olive oil until they got brown and crispy around the edges. I put some in a dish and sprinkled on parmesan from the can, and some shredded italian cheese blend. It was quite good but these noodles are almost all fiber, and also impossible to chew to a liquid state before swallowing, so I ended up with a bellyache and nausea which the Zofram took care of for me. I'll wait a few days before trying that again.

But the crispy brown shiritaki noodles intrigued me. I can't find much about them prepared this way online, but did find a great thread on Low Carb Friends where people make pizza crusts out of them - WOW! Great idea! I have actually blended them in the past, adding egg, vegetables, and cheese, and made nice patties out of them, but never considered pizza crust. You can find the thread here if you are interested :). I will definitely try this when I can eat it sometime in the future!

As I reported in my other blog, all is going quite well today, and I'm excited for tomorrow to come so I can do more stuff!

P.S. After posting this, I had a dish of plain full-fat yogurt with some SF caramel syrup stirred in...bliss!

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