Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Day 20: What I Ate #lowcarb #fundoplication

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Last night I had pretty much already decided I'd have some lovely oatmeal today. But my first meal was 5 tortellini in alfredo sauce that my daughter gave me out of her breakfast. (She is a pastaholic!) They were delish!

Next meal was my oatmeal, with half'n'half, butter, brown sugar sub, and cinnamon. Cooked it well, made it really creamy, and added lots of cinnamon.

Then a chicken thigh with spaghetti squash "strings" (nuked the squash first) fried in butter with chopped onion. Then the other half of the thigh and squash that I couldn't eat earlier. I was pleased that the chicken skin nor the cooked onion didn't seem to bother me, other than feeling a lump after eating the skin. Should have probably taken smaller bites of it.

Lastly I had some cream of mushroom soup and for some reason that didn't sit well and I had to take a zofran but it was good.

So 5 mini-meals today, started out carby but as I've said before, I don't eat enough for the carbs to really add up at this point.

Would love to go to the grocery store tomorrow, haven't shopped in nearly a month but at least I made sure we'd have plenty in the house for the 2 weeks I was away, and until I was up to shopping again. Getting stronger and able to do more every day, feel I'm recovering a lot more quickly the last couple of days, I think I'm up to it now - YAY! :)

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