Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Day 27 [#lowcarb #fundoplication ]

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Hmm...didn't eat much today, haven't really felt like eating. Started the day with a scrambled egg and a slice of fried balogna - my daughter was making that for her son's breakfast and made me some too. Next meal was about 1/2c of 4% fat cottage cheese. Then 1/2c of SF chocolate pudding because a chocolate craving hit; I made it with 1c heavy cream + 1c water instead of milk to keep the carb count low. It whipped up light and very good, the whole bowl (4 servings) is less than 10g. And I finished off what was left of my baked potato from the other day which wasn't much, with lots of butter. I'm done with potato for a while now, don't want this to become a habit and need to keep to my no-more-than-2-small-potatoes-a-week rule.

One thing that's kind of major, at least to me: Hubby made a grilled ham'n'cheese sandwich, and I took 2 bites. He used store-bought low-carb bread which still has all sorts of nutritional nastiness in it but the point is that I ate grilled bread without a problem. Yay for that. My pipes seem to be working really fine. I want to start introducing some root vegetables next, in small amounts, cooked well. I miss my rutabagas and turnips and daikon.

Another thing is that I am eating much more normally and not obsessing so much about every bite. My mind isn't focused on the size of the bite (or the size of the swallow) and the amount of chewing so much now; I'm aware though, always. Not totally focused but still aware. It is getting easier to eat.

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