Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Three Weeks Ago Today! #lowcarb #fundoplication

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Hard to believe the first 3 weeks have passed already, then on the other hand it seems like a year ago I was in the hospital and then at my sister's. Once I got home the time stretched or something.

Anyway, I had no appetite today. Didn't even drink my usual cups of tea. Just didn't want to eat. Finally at about 3:00 I scrambled an egg with some cream cheese and at half of that. A couple of hours later hubby gave me a dish of full fat yogurt with SF flavored syrup in it...then 3 oz of cooked chicken breast strips...and I ate some tuna/mayo with swiss melted and mixed into it because I felt I needed more food but I didn't enjoy it and didn't really wanted it. Just thought I should.

I've had most of a cup of decaf tea to drink today (I usually drink 5-6 cups) and about 1/4 a bottle of water. I just feel blah in my belly.

But tomorrow is another day :).


  1. Funny - I wasn't hungry now for 2 days.
    Just ate a few bites.
    To keep cool.....
    I switched to decaff and *wow* the headaches!

  2. That is exactly what has stopped me from giving up caffeine in the past - those headaches are KILLER! But my first few days off caffeine (Dec. 1,2,3) I was on those strong painkillers in my IV so this time I didn't have to suffer...staying off caffeine now, but it's an addiction isn't it!
    Why haven't you been hungry, is it hot where you are?