Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Day 20 - A Fall (But I'm OK, Gwen)

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Today started out ok. I did sleep on my sides with just a pillow, all night long. It has been so long since I've been able to sleep without stacks of pillows - or sitting in my recliner - that Pete never even knew me when I could! But I was very sore in the gut when I got out of bed this morning. But it was worth it! I still get excited that I can lay down, and that I've been reflux-free for almost 3 weeks - it is like a miracle!!!

All went well through the morning. I enjoyed my grandson for a little while, then after he and my daughter left I did the dishes. That's right, I DID THE DISHES! It was great to accomplish something around the house :). Then I prepared the chicken thighs for roasting (poured the olive oil in the pan, rinsed the thighs, gave 'em each a roll in the oil and some sea salt on top) and put them in the oven. This 30 minutes or so of simple work tired me out but not as badly as it would have last week, at least my legs didn't get wobbly.

Supper was lovely, and afterward I went to the bathroom for a shower. Ladies, I know this problem isn't very uncommon but when I get up I have to go, there can be no dallying - I have to GO NOW. So on my way to the shower I hurriedly turned to lift the lid, and in turning back to sit I stepped on the heel of my left slipper with my right foot, and down I went. I yelled as I went, and when I hit the wall I heard something crack (in the wall, not in me)...there isn't a lot of space in the corner where the toilet is so I got a bit wedged. I was able to extricate myself in just a minute though it seemed like a lot longer...

Pete hadn't heard me fall from the living room, I was already starting to hurt, but he insisted on staying in the bathroom while I showered. Probably a good thing because by the time I got out my out-of-use muscles were really starting to hurt. As I was drying off the spasms started around my rib cage from the arthritis in my spine which evidently wasn't happy about being twisted as I went down.

I took a flexaril, Pete rubbed some Nature's Inventory Back Soothe (this is GREAT STUFF, my friend Heidi sells it, let me know if you're interested in finding out more!!) on my back, and I got dressed...

Now it's been a couple of hours, and my muscles across my belly and back and around my entire rib cage hurt, as well as the ones in my left arm and up the left side of my neck, and the backs of my thighs. Falling is a big fear of mine and today that fear was reality. And yeah, it's just as bad as I remember it.

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  1. OUCH :-( Just to let you know... I've done the same thing - stepped on the heel of a slipper with the other foot - and fallen. And I feel so stupid after LOL I hope you're feeling the worst of it now and that you're better tomorrow! Focus on the positives of the day :-)